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Chautauqua Belle

About the Chautauqua Belle

Constructed on-site in Mayville, NY  between 1974 and 1976, the Chautauqua Belle is one of only five operating authentic passenger sternwheel steamboats in North America. Launched in 1976, she was commissioned and built by Captain James Webster, and designed by Alan Bates. 

After years of non-operation, the Chautauqua Belle was saved from scrap auction in 2007 by Captain Mathew Stage, who restored her to her original glory. The Chautauqua Belle now offers her visitors a historical tour around Chautauqua Lake, and is host to many different types of events throughout the summer. 

Visit to learn more.

What is "Belle Bash" Summer Concert Series?

Growing up in Mayville, NY, a young Todd Wagner brought his love of music and Chautauqua Lake to the Chautauqua Belle. While the first official "Belle Bash" took place in 2013, The "Belle Bash" started over 30 years ago as a “kegger” with family and friends.

Each year, Lucky Dog Management and the Chautauqua Belle come together to bring the best, most acclaimed, nationally touring artists and bands to this very up close and personal venue for the perfect blend of environment and audience experience.

What type of ticket admission is available?

All tickets to the '"Belle Bash" Summer Concert Series are General Admission.

Purchase tickets HERE.

When can I board the Chautauqua Belle?

The Chautauqua Belle: 78 Water St., Mayville, NY 14757


Boarding begins 15 minutes before the performance begins. Boarding will be called in order of date and time tickets were purchased (ex. Guests who have purchased their tickets first, are able to board and choose their seats at that time).

Is the "Belle Bash" suitable for young audiences?

You must be 21+ to attend the "Belle Bash".

Will food and beverages be offered?

A full-service cash bar and light snacks will be available on board.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations?

For a fine-dining experience just minutes from the Chautauqua Belle, we recommend our sponsor, Webb's Captain's Table.

Looking for something else? Find a list of must-visit places to dine in and around Chautauqua HERE.

Are there accommodations nearby?

There are many wonderful accommodation options available near and around Chautauqua Lake. We recommend our sponsor, Chautauqua Suites, conveniently located near the boat launch. For a more intimate stay, visit the beautiful Maple Springs Lake Side Inn. Both locations offer an amazing guest experience.

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